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We are here to help you we provide the most comprehensive service to comply with the Mandatory Wood Frame Soft-Story Retrofit Program as outlined in city ordinances 183893 & 184080. All you need to do is allow us to do the work, the rest is ours to manage and deliver.

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Which Buildings need Retro-Fit to Comply?

Some buildings are more likely to collapse in an earthquake than others, and these new regulations are meant to address those vulnerable buildings. The regulations outline the minimum requirements a building must meet in order to reduce structural deficiencies by the most economical and feasible method. Without proper strengthening, these vulnerable buildings may be subjected to structural failure during and/or after an earthquake. But are not intended to bring buildings up to today’s code.

In-House Architect

Our in-house California Licensed Architect will prepare the required Design, 3D AutoCAD, Digital Prelim specifications, and calculations to provide required compliance and submit to the department of building and safety for review and approval.

Building Permit

Our staff will provide any added documentation required by the department of building & Safety and obtain the building permit to begin the work. We even pay your permit fee, a service nobody else offers. It saves you money and the hassle and hours of visiting your local building & safety office.

Project Managers

We will ensure submit proof of the previous retrofit, plans to retrofit, or plans to demolish to the Department of Building and Safety. Plans and calculations will be checked for compliance with the retrofit ordinance.La2nd Retro Fit will provide guidance for all necessary steps to obtain the retrofit permit, which includes obtaining clearances from all pertinent agencies.

Business Strategy

Following mandatory notification to your tenants, G.C. Improvement will begin construction, providing all necessary, demo, concrete reinforcement, wall and column reinforcement, steel structures (moment frames), paint to match, haul away the debris, and leave the building in a broom clean condition.

City Inspections

City Inspectors require a 3rd party oversight on specific structural work. Any required testing & Inspection services are included in your base price. These costs are significant and require coordination and contracts between a building owner and multiple 3rd party entities.


The Tenant Habitability Program requires the development of a Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) in order to mitigate the impact on tenants during major construction in apartment buildings.Property owner’s undertaking major construction work must take steps to ensure that tenants can safely remain in place during construction or provide temporary relocation to tenants when the work makes the rental unit untenantable

Generating Ideas to Solving and Reducing Structural Deficiencies

Each Concrete Structure is Unique, and We Can Help you Understand which Deficiencies your Building may Possess Through a Quick Assessment.

Soft-Story Wood Frame Buildings

A soft-story building is a structure which has a weaker first floor and is unable to carry the weight of the stories above during an earthquake. The first floor generally would have large openings in the perimeter walls such as garages, tuck under parking or even large windows. existing building structures requiring a soft-story retrofit are structures that were built before 1978, The city of Los Angeles passed its own tough earthquake retrofit law in 2015, which could require as many as 15,000 buildings to be retrofitted. Los Angeles officials have already identified about 13,500 wood-frame buildings with a suspected weak first floor that officials suspect need repairs. The city has not yet released its list of suspected concrete buildings that would need an evaluation.

Non-Ductile Concrete (NDC) Structure

About 150 are suspected vulnerable brick buildings, also known as unreinforced masonry, in which bricks can come spilling out of walls, striking occupants and passersby and triggering the collapse of the roof. This type of building construction has generally been outlawed in California since the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.

The tallest buildings on the list are steel and concrete buildings. About 80 were identified as steel buildings, with the tallest a 13-story condominium and two 12-story office buildings.

Each concrete structure is unique, and we can help you understand which deficiencies your building may possess through a quick assessment.

We are Here to Help You

We Provide the most comprehensive service to comply with the Mandatory Wood Frame Soft-Story Retrofit Program as outlined in city ordinances 183893 &184080. All you need to do is allow us to do the work, the rest is ours to manage and deliver.

Outlined below are the specific tasks we provide as a part of the High Standard service agreement. Combine this with our low price guarantee, a 30-day construction completion guarantee, and available SEISMIC RETROFIT WORK PROGRA.

G.C. Improvement Retrofit excels at a seismic retrofit design that is minimally invasive but will still comply with Earthquake Ordinance 183983 and Soft-Story Ordinance 184081 and all other local codes and standards as applicable. In many instances, we are able to exempt a building from needing any steel moment frame retrofit at all. As an Architectural Designer, G.C. Improvement Retro Fit provides full Paper Work to comply, and soft story construction services. We take care of it all, site evaluation, architectural drawings and all document preparation.
  • Santa Monica Buildings – 2,000
  • Los Angeles Buildings – 15,530
  • Long Beach 150

Los Angeles Building and Safety Retro Fit Program

Check if your building is on Los Angeles earthquake study list
Hover over the dots to see the address and the suspected type of building. Plug in a full address — such as 123 Spring Street, Santa Monica, CA — to zoom in on this map. Under a proposed law, structures listed would be required to undergo a seismic evaluation and a retrofit if necessary.

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