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Accessory Dwelling Units / Second Units

If You’ve Been Cited for an Illegal Garage Conversion, Illegal Guest House by the Los Angeles City Building and Safety Inspectors. Dont Panic On January 1, 2017, new State laws took effect that creates new opportunities for accessory dwelling units (also known as ADUs, “Second Units” or “granny flats”). An ADU is a dwelling unit with a full kitchen and bathroom, which is an accessory use to a primary or main single-family residence. To construct, ADUs typically cost less than other types of housing, largely because they do not necessitate paying for land or purchasing major new infrastructure. As a form of infill development, Second Units provides housing for family members, students, elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled and others at below market prices within existing neighborhoods The Second Unit can be used as a rental, but cannot be sold separately from the primary or main single-family residence. The existing residence must be a legally established structure.

Attached ADU to the Home

The unit is attached to the primary home.  The proposed Unit cannot be more than 50% of existing house and max of 1200 sq ft. Side and rear setbacks as required by zoning. This is a flexible solution to expand the size of your residence or rent it out.

ADU Attached to the Garage

Attached to the Garage The proposed Unit cannot be more than 1200 sq ft. Side and rear setbacks as required by zoning. 10 ft min. between the main house and ADU, This is a flexible solution to expand the size of your residence or rent it out but keep your garage.

Detached ADU on the Lot

The ADU can be built in the back of the property between the garage and main home. Max. of 1200 sq ft 5 ft min. from side and rear property lines 10 ft min. between main house and ADU. Perfe

Garage Converted to ADU

Garage Conversion can vary from one to another because of the size they were initially built. You may expand up to 1200 sq ft property lines get grandfathered in but 10 ft min between main house and ADU.

Why Build an ADU?

Adding an ADU, or legalizing an existing one, is an excellent investment. It gives you additional square footage and consequently appreciates your property value. Then you can rent it out or sell to invest in another property. Most homeowners start with some ideas of what they would like to do with their Garage.  The major step is to refine those ideas into concrete plans and turning into an ADU.  That’s where our experience comes in.  After converting so many Garages throughout Los Angeles City under A.B.2299/S.B.1069, Our team of Designers works in conjunction with us delivering a smooth flawless process. From the initial Design, Blue Prints, and all permits needed, Construction up to final completed project to your satisfaction. Includes 3D images, design, and permits all up to city guidelines and codes.

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Why We Are Different

If you’re considering doing an A.D.U.  you may be overwhelmed. Hiring an architect and working with a team of builders is a big ticket for the average homeowner. Most homeowners can imagine many ways to use a rental unit on their property. Many homeowners do not know that the City of Los Angeles has made it easier than ever to add a legal rental unit to a single-family home. Even still, the planning and building process is complicated. That’s why G.C. Improvement and GND are here to help.

We are Designers, planners, builders, ready to help you at every stage. so you as the homeowners only have to decide if you want to build an ADU on our property. We provide preliminary answers to key questions (Because ADU rules can change) and what the design and construction of an ADU will entail. We help you to get started and prepare the right design that will need to give the City (at the Dept. of City Planning and the Dept. of Building and Safety)

We the permit expeditors will take care of getting your plans approved and stamped to start building your dream ADU.

We the builders will guarantee a date that your ADU will be finalized with a certificate of occupancy in hand.

NOTE: Since every ADU project will be unique, there are important questions
that we cannot answer over the phone, for instance: How much will it cost? How long will it take to build? In addition, GC improvement or GND does not substitute for required review by City agencies. All questions we will direct them to the Dept. of City Planning and Building


An Accessory Dwelling Unit ( ADU ) Specialist is knowledgeable in the California Code AB-2299 / SB-1069.  Turning your garage into income and adding square footage, Increasing property value is great BUT!! Seeing your savings begin to accumulate immediately after construction is done is what we do best. You can count on informative, dependable consultants with a high level of dedication to assist you and make recommendations if your current design will not comply.

No Obligation Consultation

All of us at GND is dedicated to helping you reach your dream ADU, in any way we can. We want you to know that we understand how important it is that you make the right decision. It’s a big investment, and we respect your time and money. Our team will meet with you in person to define your project and jointly determine if our services are right for you.

Decide on a Design

Our design team will follow up to ensure the unique design options we’ve selected work for you. You have the final say on everything from the color of your floors to the size of your cabinets. We’ll get the plans approved, apply for permits and work with your project manager to make sure everything is good to go before we break ground for your new Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Building Your Vision

While exceptional craftsmanship is always our focus, we pride ourselves on focusing on what you want.  After your project is complete, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive walk-through to ensure that your vision was accurately brought to life.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

We stand behind our projects 100%. We offer an extended warranty and are happy to resolve any issues you may have after the project is complete. We’re just a call away. In line with this, our project managers follow a system that keeps you involved every step of the way, enables you to quickly communicate with them, and helps you make a smart purchase.

Commitment To Quality

When it comes to your home and your life, you don’t want to settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be Complete, Affordable and Worry-free. That’s what a true home remodeling project should be! That’s what you’ll get with G.C.Improvement and GND– the very best construction company in the Los Angeles City with experience building more than 50 A.D.U.’s. with high Quality and on time.

Los Angeles has a population of 3,792,621 and the median home price is currently $658,500

Checking for Eligibility

Every neighborhood in Los Angeles falls under specific zones. To build an ADU,
your current house must be located in a residential zone, and most likely in a single-family residential zone. Any lot in these zones, regardless of its size, can add an ADU if it will fit.The map of LA shows the location of all single-family parcels in the City (Yellow)  and gives you an idea of whether your home is located in a single-family zone. Most standard lots are 3,500 sq ft or more, and may comfortably fit an ADU. Lots under 3,500 sq ft may face feasibility issues


How much space will I need for parking?
Many lots already accommodate two parking spaces in a garage or carport. When you add an ADU, you may need to fit one extra parking space on your lot. If an
additional space is required, space may be covered or uncovered.

You may not need additional parking if:
1. ADU is located within one-half mile of public transit.
2. ADU is located within an architecturally and historically significant district.
3. ADU is part of the existing primary residence or an existing accessory structure.
4. on-street parking permits are required, but not offered to the occupant of the ADU.

These are the four current parking exemptions as of July 2017, but parking
requirements may change. Check with the Dept. of City Planning for current

Is your lot near Transit?
Your lot may not need additional parking for your ADU, leaving room for open
space, a patio, a bigger ADU, etc. If your lot is located within one-half mile of
transit (defined as one-half mile from any bus stop or rail station), it should
meet the parking exemption.

Allowed Zones

The property is zoned R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-A, A-1 and A-2, or another zone where a single family residence (SFR) is allowed by right with a plot plan (ministerial review)

FAQ Section

The “FAQ” section contains additional information to help you understand issues
at play and answer common questions. This Webpage is a first step to understand
how an existing property might accommodate a new unit. However, it is not a
replacement for hiring us to help plan your project.
How much will my ADU cost?
Since the size and construction of each ADU will differ, it is impossible to estimate the cost of your ADU. The cost per-square-foot of an ADU is likely to be the same as any other new residential construction; After setting up a No-Hassle Consultation you should have a better idea how much a project like yours may cost.
Can I legalize an unpermitted ADU on my lot?
Although we focus on new construction or garages that have not been converted yet We may be able to get permits that will legalize an existing rental unit on your property. But proper measures have to be taken
How big can I make my ADU?
There are some limits on the size of an ADU, based on the size of your lot and existing house. First, an attached ADU cannot be bigger than 50% of the existing house. For example, if your existing house in 2,000 sq. ft., the attached ADU cannot exceed 1,000 sq. ft. in size. Second, there is a “mansionization ordinance” that usually restricts the total square footage of all structures on a lot to 45% of total lot size. For example, if your lot is 10,000 sq. ft., the total built area (existing house, ADU, garage, etc.) cannot exceed 4,500 sq. ft. In addition, most ADUs cannot exceed 1200 sq. ft.
How do I tell if I’m Near Transit?
Many lots in LA are within a half-mile of transit so that ADU parking will not be required. The City publishes a transit map at First, see if your lot appears to be within a half-mile radius of a bus stop, rail station, or a dedicated space where a shared-vehicle is parked.
Must the homeowner live on the property?
No, both the existing house and the ADU can be rental units.
What are Setbacks?
Distance From Primary Residence. The distance between the detached accessory dwelling unit and the primary residence shall be as follows: a. A minimum of 10 feet; and, b. In Hillside Management Areas, a maximum of 25 feet, unless the accessory dwelling unit is created entirely within the existing space of an accessory structure. Required Yards. The minimum side and rear yard depths of an accessory dwelling unit shall be as follows: a. For accessory dwelling units created entirely within the existing space of a single-family primary residence or accessory structure, no yards are required. b. For accessory dwelling units not created entirely within the existing space of a single-family primary residence or accessory structure, the yards for the accessory dwelling unit shall be 5 feet. c. Accessory dwelling units shall not encroach into the required front yard of the primary residence.
How do I pay for my ADU?
There are a number of ways to pay for the
construction of an ADU. You may be able to obtain a private construction loan from our C.D.L. (Community Development Loan) to build the ADU and refinance the loan with a new mortgage when construction is complete. 1. You could refinance your existing mortgage to take out a larger loan to provide cash for ADU construction (this will require equity in the home);  You should start by talking to one of our knowledgeable Project managers.

From Our Clients

Have peace of mind after reading our outstanding reviews from our amazing customers. Some of our customers take the time and write a detailed review about their experience working with us.

Wadner helped me from spending days searching and meetings with the right construction company, He introduced us to the right company for our project. He was knowledgeable with the California laws and was with us every step of the conversion.

Daniela Sanchez

Bell Gardens

Hiring a consultant for a construction project sounded ridiculous, but I'm glad I did. Saved me hours maybe weeks for finding a licensed contractor with a team of hardworking, good habits and appreciation for our dream garage. Wadner brought us a modern design layout and a retro design from 2 different companies and a finance company to help us fund the project. Couldn't be happier with my choice.

Flor Silva

The Valley

Converting our garage to a home for Mom was always the plan, when purchasing our dream home it was illegal. But since L.A. City has passed A.B. 1069. We found G.C.improvement, we contacted them and got a call the same day from Wadner. He helped us legalize our garage and we know Mom is living in a safe and well-built garage.

Jaime Gonzales

South Los Angeles

Our son was turning 15 and we wanted to give him more freedom and space. So we decided to turn the garage into a living space. Wadner was recommended by our neighbor that was converting their garage to rent out to a family. He helped us with the process of planning, designing, pulling permits, construction company and financing our project. We are happy with how easy the process was. Plus when our son leaves we will be able to rent it out and make our money back.

Maira Blanco

Van Nuys

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